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The Golden Horseshoe Culinary Team Support

The Golden Horseshoe Culinary Team members are honored to represent Ontario and the Canadian cuisine at theĀ Villeroy Boch Expo Gast 2018 World Cup in Luxemburg. They generously give their time, energy and passion in their quest for gold. The Golden Horseshoe Culinary Team needs equipment, supplies, uniforms and travel expenses to train and compete in the international arena. Share our vision and be a part of the journey.

All of the members of the Golden Horseshoe Culinary Team Canada and their support are volunteers. Everyone takes time from his/her full-time job in order to practice, to team-build and to compete. Such a commitment takes an inordinate amount of both time and money.

Before any international competition, many practice sessions have to be held in various locations across the Golden Horseshoe. Food and equipment must be purchased and transported; travel and accommodation must be provided for the team members and the coaches, and locations for cooking and evaluating of their exhibits must be sought out.

When traveling to a competition, the costs can reach as high as $150,000.00 for each event. In addition to the expenses of airline fares and hotel accommodation, all the equipment such as chinaware, stands, linen and props must be purchased and shipped by cargo, food must be bought on location, ground transportation and trucking organized, team meals planned, plates selected, table lighting designed, menus printed, press conferences organized and a myriad of other details looked after - all costing money.

All monies required for practices and competitions must be raised by the team through a variety of different fundraising initiatives.

Held in high regard for their achievements and standards of excellence, the Golden Horseshoe Culinary Team has been involved in a variety of programs supporting various Ontarian promotional initiatives...

The Golden Horseshoe Culinary Team Support

The team welcomes all other initiatives to assist in raising its funds.

The Golden Horseshoe Culinary Team, is a non for profit organization.

Cheques can be mailed to:
Edouard Colonerus, President
Les Toques Blanches International Golden Horseshoe Chapter & Golden Horseshoe Culinary Team
24 Coniston Avenue
Brampton, Ontario, L6X 2H4 Canada