Culinary Salon

Team Returning from the IKA2016 Culinary Olympic Erfurt Germany
Team Returning from the IKA2016 Culinary Olympic Erfurt Germany with
Gold Medals, Silver and Bronze Medals
Being a member of the Golden Horseshoe Culinary Team Canada has the pleasure to offer culinary competition participation and professional networking. At our practice sessions, we provide the finest food that's prepared fresh with the highest quality of ingredients.

Become a team member and share your love for the traditions of fine foods. At the Golden Horseshoe Culinary Team, you are sure to enjoy the great atmosphere, lifelong friendships and professional networking.


The Golden Horseshoe Culinary Team Canada will be drawn to Luxemburg in 2018 for the Villeroy Boch World Cup Expo Gast. The planning phase for the 12th Culinary World Cup has already begun.

The Golden Horseshoe Culinary Team is excited about the Vatel Luxemburg Chefs' Association's decision to invite the crème de la crème of chefs once again to the country of Luxemburg in November 2018.

For the 12th time, the Kirchberg Luxemburg exhibition halls will be transformed into a gourmet oasis and will be the home of culinary art for four days.

Those of you who are familiar with the Golden Horseshoe Culinary Team Canada may remember some of our participations at international culinary competitions. With the help and dedication of our Head coach Dimuthu Kumarasinghe, has helped to coach team members to a strong showing. Over the years we collected gold, silver, bronze medal, and recently at the IKA Culinary Olympic we received Gold, and Team Silver. Our aim is to register two Regional teams. We are currently researching for the best and the brightest team members to be on our Culinary Olympic teams. While the actual competition requires about two weeks in Diekirch Luxemburg

The training a chef must work through requires weeks and months. It is a long haul and only the strong and dedicated chefs should take the challenge. We can tell you that the Villeroy Boch Expo Gast World Cup 2018 is one of the most grueling. Whoever is on our final teams will work through the hardest culinary challenge of their lives. But, this is what makes us better chefs. That is why we do it.

We are excited to be going back to the Villeroy Boch Expo Gast World Cup 2018. We live for the opportunity to work with new chefs and help them grow. We are very proud The Golden Horseshoe Culinary Team Canada has such a strong commitment to the culinary arts. Sending teams requires a big commitment of time, money and resources. It will impact many, many people on the culinary side of our Hospitality Industry. But, in the end, we will be better chefs and a better team for doing it. Food is the backbone of our business. And we are proud that we spend so much time and energy investing in the people who make it great – our chefs.

Alright, back to work, back to training and practicing.